Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who Loves Who?

June 26-July 1, 1963
Turk's Head Hotel Building Now

A momentous day.  Lennon and McCartney sit in a hotel room in the Turk's Head Hotel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and write a new song entitled  "She Loves You".  (Oh, if only walls could talk!)  After writing it, the band embarks on a 10 week long tour of seaside resorts.  Ten weeks of gigs, all lined up like ducks in a row!

"She Loves You" introduces the UK to a new meme - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.   Paul's father later asks his son if it wouldn't improve the song to make it "She Loves You - Yes, Yes, Yes".  Paul and John recall later that this song is a departure from their formula because instead of being in the first person (I), it is consciously written in the third (she).

IMHO, the beating heart of the song is the short pregnant pause after the last "and with a love like that you know you should..."  (at 2:04).  That, folks, is pure undraped genius.  It's almost 50 years later and I still get a lump in my throat.  And that floor tom that kicks it all off!  Thanks, Richie.

On July 1, the song is committed to tape at Abbey Road and is planned for the B side of "I'll Get You".  WTF!  It really goes to show, how hard it is to recognize a musical masterpiece until you've have had a chance to listen to it, mull it over, talk it over, get reactions from other people.

British Listed Buildings entry on the Turk's Head Hotel - Newcastle 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Presley Missing

June 22-24, 1963

On June 22, Paul, George and Ringo travel to the Town Hall of Abegavveny in Wales, but John Lennon has a prior engagement with "Juke Box Jury", a tv show in which panel members award current records either a "Hit" or a "Miss" based on their perceived quality,  John gave every record a "Miss" including the one by his former role model, Elvis Presley.  The song is "Devil in Disguise" and John pans it with the remark that Elvis has transformed himself into Bing Crosby.  How the mighty have fallen!  Meanwhile, John is flown via helicopter from  London to the Wales gig.

On the 23rd, the Beatles tape a television appearance on "Lucky Stars", this entire edition of which is dedicated to a new phenomenon in rock music history, the Mersey Beat.  (The show will be broadcast on the 29th ibid.)  The UK record charts are now dominated by bands from Liverpool.  It is unprecedented and is led by the Beatles above all.  They are piling up the brownie points that will one day be redeemed for their own MBEs.  The reason?  The tax rate in the UK on the highest earners is 99% and the queen needs a new set of crown jewels!

Then, on the 24th they tape an appearance on the radio program "Saturday Club."  Part of that program, when broadcast also on the 29th, will go out over the BBCs overseas service.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

McCartney Turns 21 and Lennon Takes Offence

June 18, 1963

Paul McCartney's 21st Birthday Party was held in the garden behind his Aunt Jin's house in Liverpool.  After recording for the BBC's "Pop Go the Beatles" radio show in London, the Beatles hop in the van and drive the 209 miles to Liverpool. Celebrating with Paul is his new girlfriend, Jane Asher.

At Paul's request, local Liverpool band The Fourmost makes some music for the guests.

John Lennon, drunk, is incensed by an attempt at humor as his expense and gives Bob Wooler a sound thrashing at the party.  (Woller had speculated about what had occurred on the holiday in Spain with Brian Epstein.)  Since the beginning, Wooler has always been a strong Beatle supporter.  It's another indication of Lennon's always present, if barely contained, dark side.  John must have been horrified to learn what he had done, later.

Tomorrow, back down to London to record an appearance on "Easy Beat", another BBC radio show.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Last Tower

June 14, 1963

Another in a string of "lasts".  Today, the Beatles play the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton for the last time.  The Tower was a key to the Beatles early success when local promoter Sam Leach booked them into some of his "Operation Big Beat" shows there, starting back on November 10th 1961, when they were still a gang of leather clad toughs.  :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

That Was the Week That Was

June 3-9,1963

A typical week in the life of the Beatles now, everyday a different venue, sometimes hundreds of miles apart.  Life on the road, writ large.  Pity that little Comer van, and Niel Aspinall, too.

Monday - Granada Cinema, London
Tuesday - Town Hall, Birmingham, Warwickshire (118 Miles)
Wednesday - Odeon Cinema, Leeds, Yorkshire (120 Miles)
Thursday - DAY OFF!!!
Friday - Odeon Cinema, Glasgow, Scotland (219 Miles)
Saturday - City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (151 Miles)
Sunday - King George's Hall, Blackburn, Lancashire (125 Miles)

And, that's the last of the Roy Orbison tour.  Next week, same as last week.  "A train and a room, and a car and a room, and a room and a room."

Bye, Roy.  See you somewhere down the road someday.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Live At The BBC Again

June 1, 1963

The Beatles decide, and the BBC agrees, to record some of the material for radio broadcast that they haven't performed since Brian Epstein began insisting their act be shortened to 20 minutes or a half hour. It is very lucky for us that they did.  It provides a treasure trove of recordings that  won't see the light of day (except for BBC listeners) until 1994, when Apple Records releases the "Live at the BBC" album.  Most are covers of songs they performed during their formative years when they were playing eight hours a night and were always on the lookout for material.

Recorded today and that can be heard to on that album:
  Young Blood (by Leibler and Stoller)
  Sure To Fall  (by Carl Perkins)
  Baby, It's You  (by Bacharach and David)
  I Got To Find My Baby (by Chuck Berry)