Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Huge Day in the History of Rock

August 18, 1965

Hope everything is going well for all you Beatle fans.  I promised to end this blog when the Beatles played Ed Sullivan in the states, but I just had to make a post for this seminal event.

50 years ago today, the Beatles played for the first time on a stage with a wonderful new innovation - stage monitors, so they could actually hear what they were doing.  Here's a recording of that concert.  At about 7:20 Paul even remarks "Ooo.  It's loud, isn't it!"  And at about 10:00, John says, "It's great! You can hear it!"  And the field of musical stagecraft makes a giant leap forward.

Beatles, Atlanta 1965

It's interesting to reflect that for all this time since February, they were playing without being able to hear each other or even themselves. Until the Beatles came along, it just wasn't an issue.

The description with this Youtube post describe all of the new things that Baker Audio brought to the the concert.  The Beatles wanted to bring Baker along for the rest of their tour, but the offer was declined.

The recording was made by a local radio station, WQXI, and likely represents one of the tightest live stage performances of this period.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Amazin' Shea

August 15, 1965

Some might call it the high water mark of classic Beatlemania.  The Beatles make their way to Shea Stadium today and absolutely kill it.  Not bad for a four lads from Liverpool.

Beatles at Shea