Thursday, November 10, 2011

Operation BIG BEAT

November 10, 1961

Coming so soon on the heels of their first meeting with Brian Epstein is yet another very big day in the history of the worlds biggest band.  The first Operation Big Beat, another groundbreaking Sam Leach production, is taking place in the Tower Ballroom, New Brighton.  (No question. As well as being a important cog in the Beatles machine, Sam is an English national treasure.)

New Brighton is a local playground for the people of Liverpool to get a little sun and fun on weekend ferry excursions across the Mersey.  (It's kinda like Coney Island is to NYC.)  The Tower Ballroom has been a place for shows and exhibitions since 1900 and it is ready now, with Mr Leach's help, to put on some or this new rock and roll music. The ballroom itself is named for a large steel tower that was originally part of the building but has long since fallen into disrepair and been removed.  (In those days Seaports, especially Britannia's seaports, often have seaside towers for signaling ships far out at sea.)

Sam, never one to do things by half measures, books five of the biggest Mersey side groups for a mammoth show lasting from 7:30 pm until one in the morning next day.  It's definitely the next step up the ladder for the Beatles, as this venue can hold up to 5000 people.  It is the largest space by far they have ever played!  Hey this is turning into something pretty big.  Just look at all those punters out there!

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