Tuesday, June 18, 2013

McCartney Turns 21 and Lennon Takes Offence

June 18, 1963

Paul McCartney's 21st Birthday Party was held in the garden behind his Aunt Jin's house in Liverpool.  After recording for the BBC's "Pop Go the Beatles" radio show in London, the Beatles hop in the van and drive the 209 miles to Liverpool. Celebrating with Paul is his new girlfriend, Jane Asher.

At Paul's request, local Liverpool band The Fourmost makes some music for the guests.

John Lennon, drunk, is incensed by an attempt at humor as his expense and gives Bob Wooler a sound thrashing at the party.  (Woller had speculated about what had occurred on the holiday in Spain with Brian Epstein.)  Since the beginning, Wooler has always been a strong Beatle supporter.  It's another indication of Lennon's always present, if barely contained, dark side.  John must have been horrified to learn what he had done, later.

Tomorrow, back down to London to record an appearance on "Easy Beat", another BBC radio show.

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