Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who Loves Who?

June 26-July 1, 1963
Turk's Head Hotel Building Now

A momentous day.  Lennon and McCartney sit in a hotel room in the Turk's Head Hotel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and write a new song entitled  "She Loves You".  (Oh, if only walls could talk!)  After writing it, the band embarks on a 10 week long tour of seaside resorts.  Ten weeks of gigs, all lined up like ducks in a row!

"She Loves You" introduces the UK to a new meme - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.   Paul's father later asks his son if it wouldn't improve the song to make it "She Loves You - Yes, Yes, Yes".  Paul and John recall later that this song is a departure from their formula because instead of being in the first person (I), it is consciously written in the third (she).

IMHO, the beating heart of the song is the short pregnant pause after the last "and with a love like that you know you should..."  (at 2:04).  That, folks, is pure undraped genius.  It's almost 50 years later and I still get a lump in my throat.  And that floor tom that kicks it all off!  Thanks, Richie.

On July 1, the song is committed to tape at Abbey Road and is planned for the B side of "I'll Get You".  WTF!  It really goes to show, how hard it is to recognize a musical masterpiece until you've have had a chance to listen to it, mull it over, talk it over, get reactions from other people.

British Listed Buildings entry on the Turk's Head Hotel - Newcastle 


  1. The second person is actually "you." :)
    "She" is third person.

  2. Oops. Thanks for the comment. Corrected now.

  3. Mike, when your band does the song, it always does get that punch when you pause. It's like having enough white space in an illustration or a period in a sentence.