Saturday, June 1, 2013

Live At The BBC Again

June 1, 1963

The Beatles decide, and the BBC agrees, to record some of the material for radio broadcast that they haven't performed since Brian Epstein began insisting their act be shortened to 20 minutes or a half hour. It is very lucky for us that they did.  It provides a treasure trove of recordings that  won't see the light of day (except for BBC listeners) until 1994, when Apple Records releases the "Live at the BBC" album.  Most are covers of songs they performed during their formative years when they were playing eight hours a night and were always on the lookout for material.

Recorded today and that can be heard to on that album:
  Young Blood (by Leibler and Stoller)
  Sure To Fall  (by Carl Perkins)
  Baby, It's You  (by Bacharach and David)
  I Got To Find My Baby (by Chuck Berry)

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