Friday, May 11, 2012

Cyn and Dot Get Their Own Place

May 1962

While John is in Hamburg, Cynthia Powell, his long time girlfriend has been living a rather gypsy existence.  Her mother has left for Canada and Cyn first moved in with John's Aunt Mimi.  After having had her fill of Mimi's cold demeanor, she moves in with some local cousins.  (Do I detect echoes of a "scene"?)  Now, she decides it's time to rent her own flat or room, really.  One that will be closer to her student teaching job.  Finally, she comes across a place that needs work but fills the bill.  And to make matters even better, a short time later Paul's girlfriend Dot Rhone moves into the same building.  John's beautiful letters continue to come across to the new love nest that Cyn is preparing for his return.  The letters are full of protestations of love and longing and she sees in them palpable evidence of his deep seated fear of being left alone again.

Paul is working on a sweet new song, "When I'm Sixty-four" written in an old fashioned music hall style familiar to his dad's generation.  Also, there is some evidence that "P.S. I Love You" is written now as a song-letter to his girlfriend back home.  Gonna need some new material for that recording session.

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