Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Telegram Goes to Germany

May 9th, 1962

Brian Epstein travels down to London to meet with George Martin, this time at Abbey Road Studios, in St John's Wood, a well-to-do London borough.  They are to firm up plans for recording the Beatles.  The meeting occurs at 11:30 am.  (After all this time of dealing with conjecture and fallible memory, it is wonderful having some historical documentary evidence to settle such obscure questions.) Imagine how he must have felt climbing the steps up to the front door to this "Cathedral of the Beatles Music".

Wife Karen and I on the steps leading to the holy of holies in 1996. 
BTW.  If memory serves, this picture was taken by the Beatle Brain of Britian, Richard Porter. 
(That was before 9/11 and "enhanced security measures".)

After the meeting, Brian sends the good news to the boys in Hamburg.  He informs them that he has secured them a recording session and instructs them to "rehearse new material".  He also dispatches this to Mersey Beat Magazine.  Gotta pump up that buzz!

(If blogspot is punctual, this post should be posted "exactly" 50 years before the meeting begins.  Woo Hoo!)


  1. wow, you actually went to Abbey Road Studio, that must have been amazing! And I like how your blog progresses in time, we see the beatles getting more and more fame! :)

    1. Yep. I did a Beatle pilgrimage back then (15 years ago?!). I especially like how the door is open. If I were younger, I would have made a dash for studio 2. (Standing on the street and looking down the side of the building, you could just make it out in the back.) Probably, I'd still be doing time in an English jail! It was September and I've got a chestnut from the big tree growing in the parking lot there. One of my most treasured possessions.