Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let's Talk Set List

May 1962

Time to listen to some music.  While the Beatles are sharpening their act, they are also picking up some new songs, much of it material that Beatle fans will become familiar with in coming years.

In 1962 their sets begin to feature a song written by a lesser known American soul singer called Arther Alexander, called "Anna (Go With Him)".  And a couple of new "girl group" covers enter the repertoire, "Baby It's You" from the Shirrells and "Devil in Her Heart" a call and response song from the Donays .  For comparison, listen to the Beatles "Devil".  They take so much from the American girl groups, an unlikely source to say the least.  And I just love how George "revises" the lyric to "No, no, nay will she deceive".  A very sweet north of England touch.  And there's something endearing in the miscues on this live BBC version, too.

Also, a new Carl Perkins tune is added "Honey Don't", originally sung by John, later to feature Ringo.  Still love Perkins' original version.  He is the coolest of all the cats!  No wonder the Beatles latched onto it.  And that sixth chord at the finish!  So, that's where the they got that from!

The practice of song writing has tentatively begun to creep into the set list in the form of a Lennon tune "Ask Me Why" (you-woo-woo-woo-woo :-) and a McCartney one "I Fancy Me Chances".  The great songwriting competition/partnership is really getting into gear now as the boys begin to explore their conjoined musical talent that has been developing subconsciously over the last five years of intense performing at each others elbows.  The Beatles strength is in their willingness to evolve their craft, to move on the the next challenge and embrace it willingly.

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