Monday, September 12, 2011

Beatle Girls

September, 1961
John and Cynthia               Paul and Dot

The Beatles continue to play the usual venues and their local popularity continues to climb. John and Paul are both involved in serious relationships.  John, of course, is with his Cynthia Powell. And Paul is nearing the end of his long term relationship with Dorothy "Dot" Rhone.  (Do I detect portents of the future, e.g. Yoko Ono, Jane Asher?  Leopards really don't change their spots, I suppose.)

Cynthia's father has died, leaving a young widow to finish raising their daughter.  But now, Cyn is a young adult and an opportunity has arisen for her mother to emigrate to Canada in the company of relatives.  After weighing the pros and cons carefully, she has decided to make the move.  Cynthia has assured her mother that she is perfectly capable of looking after herself.

Her relationship to John is now in its fourth year and getting more and more serious.  John has already toyed with the idea of marrying her once or twice.  His relationship with her has always been a very complex one, as has been the case in all of his relationships with women starting with his own mother.  Tender concern and generosity can be quickly succeeded by brutal violence in their romantic life.  But through it all an abiding love cannot be doubted. In the event, Cynthia asks John's Aunt Mimi if she can occupy a room in her home as a paying lodger and it is agreed.  With John still living there, they see a lot of each other, although Mimi will certainly brook no nonsense under her roof in the romantic department!

To earn her keep Cynthia gets a job as a shop girl at Woolworth's and is expected to help with the domestic chores as well.

Paul, on the other hand is growing apart from his long term girlfriend, Dot Rhone.  She believes that she is more of a girlfriend in name only anyhow.  The temptations are many and the one night stands easy to fall into.  Dot knows about the wandering, but she has long since stopped caring, and the feeling she experiences is of freedom from a domineering relationship.  John often admonishes Paul, telling  him he should treat his steady girlfriend better, very much a bit of advice that might come from an older brother.  (Hmmm, sounds like a song idea.  Something like "You're Gonna Lose That Girl"?)

It all says something rather profound about the personalities of the two young men.  Don't you agree?  John is always searching for that deep commitment and ultimate fulfillment, Paul is mostly interested in enjoying the ride and making every second count.  Where will their partnership lead?


  1. nice post! I always find the beatles's love life interesting to read about. And I do agree with you-John always went for girls who were like his mother (yoko ono is a very big example).

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