Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Talk About Boys, Now

April 4, 1963

The Beatles record for third time this week for the BBC today.  Of special interest is the only studio version by them of "I'll Be On My Way", which they later gave to Billy J Kramer.  And here's a bit of film shot by Dezo Hoffman of the boys larking about on the street in front of the studio.  There's Neil Aspinall, TCB, and the well used van!

Later, the Beatles do a rather unusual show to an audience full of young men at Stowe School, an upper crust British boarding school.  Seems one of the students was a Liverpudlian with an interest in rock music and made the event happen.  It must have been a bit of a relief to actually be able to hear each other play.

The Beatles signing for the future of Britain
And also today Paul McCartney has begun using his state-of-the-art Vox T-60 Bass amplifier  Now all of the Beatles are playing through their iconic Vox amps.  There are some great pictures of their back line at this time here.  Also, note the unfamiliar and somewhat corny "Beatles" logo on the face of Ringo's bass drum, a logo that will soon be changing into perhaps "the" biggest rock icon of all time.

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