Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Breather At Last

April 28, 1963

A couple of weeks off is built in to the Beatles hectic schedule by the management.  Paul, George, and Ringo head off to Tenerife to enjoy some conventional tropical sun in the Canary Islands.  John and Brian (the management) go off together for a holiday in Spain.

This is one of the most interesting episodes in the history of the Beatles.  To this day, there is a lot of mystery and speculation concerning it.  Don't forget, John became a father just three weeks ago.  Shouldn't he be spending his all too rare vacation time with his new family?  I think what is unmistakable is Brian Epstein's infatuation with the complex first Beatle and John Lennon's all consuming need to explore relationships.  Don't you detect a complicated father-son, mentor-protege, desire-object of desire thing?  Given John's chaotic childhood, could we expect anything less?   Also, no doubt John's need to be the first among equals plays a role in his consenting to it.

We are reminded, these characters are very much real human beings, wanting, confused, driven, and searching for their places in this crazy world.

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