Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last of Roe/Montez

March 31, 1963

The Tommy Roe / Chris Montez UK tour is history after a date in Leicester, but there is no rest for the Beatles.

In the first week of April, they will record three appearances on various BBC radio programs.  On one appearance, John and Paul sit on the record jury ("Good beat - I could dance to it") and are paid the  princely sum of one guinea (a little more than a pound) for their trouble.

The band records live versions of just about all of the songs on the album, and one music hall kind of intro with the house band, the Karl Denver Trio.  Sounds a lot like a short return to their skiffle roots to me.

Meanwhile, back in Liverpool, John's wife Cynthia is suffering through the last stages of a cold winter pregnancy as a guest in John's Aunt Mimi's house.  She worries, as I imagine all first time mothers must, what the experience of childbirth will be like.  Her reminiscences of that time are of a lonely ordeal  to be endured, but to her credit, Mimi did turn over the nicest parts of the house for the use of Cynthia and John (on the rare occasions he was there.)

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