Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Show Must Go On (and On and On)

March 12/16, 1963

Some prime examples of the very hard work the Beatles are doing to keep the snowball rolling downhill.  On the 12th, John is felled by a bad cold.  The other three Beatles rearrange the songs so that Paul and George take over his guitar and vocal parts and the tour continues with a three Beatle band. 

On the 13th, John does show up in London, even though he can't sing, to overdub the harmonica parts for "Thank You Girl" at Abbey Road Studios.  From there, the Three-tles go north to York for a performance, then on the 15th, John rejoins the tour in Bristol.  On the 16th, they fulfill a prior Radio Luxembourg commitment, again in London, and then drive 160 miles north to perform in Sheffield with Roe/Montez.

It makes me tired just writing it! 

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