Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nice Knowing You, Pete

February 19, 1963

During their break in the middle of the Shapiro tour, the Beatles play the Cavern with Lee Curtis and the All Stars.  The All Stars drummer is Pete Best.  It's the last time John, Paul and George are in the same room with Pete.  All their brotherly adventures with him must seem a million miles away to them now.  No pleasantries are exchanged.  A melancholy note.

They have other things on their mind.  Just before they go on, they get the news.  "Please, Please Me" is number one on the English charts!  (The announcement by compere Bob Woller is greeted by a melancholy silence from the local fans.  The writing is on wall now.  They belong, not to Liverpool anymore, but to the world.)

It's impossible to imagine a more difficult situation that the one the Mr. Peter Best finds himself in today.  Imagine what he is thinking.  But, the moving finger has writ and moved on.

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