Friday, February 15, 2013

First Favorites

February 15, 1963

As the Beatles fame spreads, articles begin to appear in the national musical press.  People want to know!  First among these in England is the New Musical Express or NME, something like Variety is for Hollywood.  NME is very well known for sponsoring English pop music television specials that introduced many pop acts to a wider public.

But today they publish one of the first of many "lists of favorites" of the individual Beatles.  There is lots of food for speculation in these things, but the most interesting feature of this particular list is under the category "Favorite Actress".  Paul, George and Ringo all chime in with (who else) sex kitten Bridget Bardot.  John's choice is more interesting, afrench actress and chanson singer called Juliette Greco.  It is one more sign of his absolutely irrepressible gravitas.

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