Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Thank You From Them toYou

February 28, 1963

Lennon and McCartney are getting comfortable with writing songs almost on demand.  They definitely produce "From Me to You" today while on the bus between York and Shrewsbury with the Helen Shapiro tour.  No doubt "Thank You Girl", being very similar in sentiment, is written around the same time.  The Beatles know what side their toast is buttered on and are writing directly at their fan base, made up mostly of mid-teen girls, who probably seem quite young to members of the band now in their early twenties.  Still, they buy the records and the Beatles like making them, so where's the harm?

And buying them they are!  The single of "Please Please Me" has just reached number one on the British pop music charts.  They smile with satisfaction before they jump back on the tour bus.

The Helen Shapiro Tour et al

It is very early in the career of the creative partnership of Lennon and McCartney.  There are lots of new things yet to discover about the songwriting craft.  But what an auspicious start!

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