Friday, July 6, 2012

Typical Summer Gigs

July 6-7, 1962

On the 6th, a Friday, the Beatles make their second appearance on the "Fish and Chip Boat", the Royal Iris.  This was an excursion ship that would put to sea for a couple of hours, allowing city dwellers to get away from the heat of the city for a while and enjoy some variety entertainment for a couple of bob.  Like last time, the share the spotlight with sax player Acker Bilk, who, to help the new kids along, presents them with his  idea of an essential piece of stage equipment, bowler hats.  I wonder if they thought back to Acker Bilk a couple of years later at this photo shoot...

Thanks for the splendid hats, Acker!
 On the 7th, Brian Epstein books the band into Hulme Hall in euphoniously named Port Sunlight for the first of four appearances.  The occasion was a golf club dance. 

Then it's back to the usual Liverpool dance halls interspersed among the many Cavern Club dates.  With so many opportunities, its a wonder that every citizen of the city didn't get a chance to see the Beatles sometime.

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