Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eyes on the Prize, Boys

mid-July, 1962

This summer, the story of the Beatles is all about getting hired into better and better ballrooms.  This has to be attributed  to the unrelenting hard work of Brian Epstein.  All this groundwork is, undoubtedly a big factor in their future success.  On the 17th the Beatles make another foray south to McIlroy's Ballroom in Swindon, not far from the neolithic stone circle, Stonehenge.  And on the 19th an extension of their appearances at the Majestic Ballroom in Birkenhead is begun.  The Majestic booking is with Top Rank, Britain's premier live entertainment company, which owns and operates 28 ballrooms all around the country.  These are first rate venues, but the Beatles are still appearing when there is nothing else going at the cramped and clammy Cavern Club.

Their dreams are finally coming true.  Great live venues, and a recording contract!

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