Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life is a Cabaret

July 25, 1962

Another minor setback for the Beatles.  Epstein, always on the look-out for new approaches for getting the band "out there" books them into a cabaret venue, the Cabaret Club in Liverpool.  Cabaret fare is more likely to be smokey renditions of laid back classics like "My Funny Valentine" than rhythm and blues.  No doubt Brian advises them to feature their more easy listening numbers.  Didn't work though.  They "go a cropper" and are never invited back.

Tomorrow and the 27th go better.  They play Cambridge Hall in Southport in a North End Music Stores promoted show with the infectious Joe Brown and the Bruvvers.  George is still obsessed with guitars.  Here he poses after the show on the 27th with Joe Brown's beautiful Gibson ES-335 with Bixby vibrato.

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