Monday, January 30, 2012

A Rejection!?

February 1, 1961

Word has come up from Decca in London and it is most disappointing.  Thank you, Mr Epstein, but Decca is not interested in recording the Beatles at this time.  Dick Rowe tenders some advice to Brian Epstein.  "The boys won't go, Mr Epstein.  We know these things.  You have a good record business in Liverpool.  Stick to that."

Mike Smith, the Decca A&R man who recorded them, is allowed to make the choice between the Beatles and Brian Poole and the Tremoloes and, based mostly on geography, he chooses the Tremeloes (they are from nearby Essex).  And anyhow, guitar groups are on the way out.  Decca is going for the next big thing, whatever they think that is.

Brian is gobsmacked and is not so easily dissuaded,  He resolves to make one last appeal in person at Decca's offices in London, but the die is cast.  Dick Rowe will wind up with the unshakeable reputation as the man who, on being offered the keys to Fort Knox, said "No, thanks" and walked away.

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