Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marking Time (Again)

January 12, 1962

The Beatles are still hoping something will come of their recent recording test with Decca in London, but there is no word, yet.  In the meantime, they are playing almost everyday (still) at the Cavern, with a few odd dates elsewhere thrown in.

Today, they play another evening show in the Tower Ballroom, where they are last minute headliners. They take the 11:30 pm slot originally planned for another novelty act called "Screaming Lord Sutch" when he couldn't make the gig.  Tomorrow, they play their last gig at Hambleton Hall, where Paul and George were once roughed up by a gang of Teddy boys after their show.  That's not the type of work that Brian Epstein has in mind for them.  He has insisted they limit their appearances to no more than 60 minute sets, with song lists worked out in advance and no kibitzing with audience members.

P.S. I just noticed.  There's a poster on the wall for Long John Baldry on the wall in this video!  Don't try to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll.

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