Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meanwhile on the German Front

January, 1962

Meanwhile, back in Hamburg, Stuart Sutcliffe's health is visibly declining.  Astrid Kirchherr remembers that at this time he is experiencing headaches that result in temporary blindness.  And that he is very sensitive to bright light.  His artistic work is becoming darker and more pessimistic, too.  He does continue to communicate with John via letters and I think there is evidence that John thought of Stu as a sort of guiding light. Stu is conspicuous in the life of John Lennon as being just about the only person he could truly look up to until Yoko Ono.  No doubt John was looking forward to spending some time with his friend on the Beatles next foray to Hamburg.

In 1962, Horst Fascher was ready for anything
At the same time, Horst Fascher again enters the story of the Beatles rise to pop stardom.  The bouncer and club manager, who worked at both the Kaiserkeller and Top Ten Club during the Beatles residencies there, is now working for Manfred Weissleder.  Herr Weissleder has big plans to open a new club in Hamburg called the Star Club.  Fascher is on a trip to the wellspring of rock and roll for Reeperbahn clubs - Liverpool, England.  He meets the demands of their new manager for 500 DM per band member per week (and accommodation at a Hamburg hotel).  That's about 50 English Pounds a week for each of them, very good pay indeed for 1962.  All agree, they will be going over in April.  Hamburg is in for a bit of a surprise!

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