Monday, October 3, 2011

Paris is Burning

September 30 - October 15, 1961

John Lennon receives a generous gift of 100 English pounds from his aunt Mater (sister of his mother Julia).  He decides immediately that he and his musical partner Paul McCartney should spend some time soaking up the romantic atmosphere in Paris, France.  Completely out of character, they run off to the continent and spend the money lounging in cafes and looking cool.  They connect with an old friend from Hamburg, one of the exis, Jurgen Vollmer, who is in Paris studying photography.  During this visit they are immersed in French youth culture.  One feature of French cool is the longer "continental" hairstyle they will permanently adopt while on this visit.  They have been leaning in that direction for months now.  On this visit they really commit to the nouveau style.  No more going back to the Elvis/Gene Vincent inspired pompadour or "waterfall" haircuts.

Paul and Jurgen Vollmer                  John in Paris looking cool    

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