Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bonnie and the Saints

October 23, 1961

The single version of "My Bonnie" with "The Saints" on the flip side by Tony Sheridan (backed up by the "Beat Brothers") is released in Germany.  In a few days, the Beatles good friend Stuart Sutcliffe, who is studying art in Hamburg, will obtain a copy and send it to his friend George Harrison at home in Liverpool.  George in turn will loan it to Liverpool compere and Mersey Beat mover and shaker Bob Wooler.  Mr Wooler will play the single at some of his beat music dances and begin to talk it up in his inimitable style.  The appearance of one of their own bands on a commercial record is a very big event.


  1. Tony Sheridan, wasnt he that one guy who the beatles did a couple songs with in 62 or 61? and thats funny you should say that John Lennon quote cuz thats my favourite quote!

  2. You got it! Here's my post where I introduce him about a year ago. A very influential person, especially on George who would sit at his elbow and study his guitar technique, then go and practice what he learned until he had it down pat.