Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Karl and the Beatmakers

October 19, 1961

Yet another very big event in the story of the Beatles demonstrates vividly, 50 years later, the camaraderie and pure joy that the Merseyside musicians are enjoying.  Again, the event is promoted by Brian Kelly's BeKay Productions and takes place at Litherland Town Hall.

On the bill tonight are The Beatles, Karl Terry and the Cruisers and Gerry and the Pacemakers, three of the biggest Merseyside bands.  Someone has the typically crazy idea that the three bands (with many of the same songs in their sets) should join forces for just one night.  The pick-up band called themselves the Beatmakers and they performed all the biggest rock standards, one imagines, in the most raucous manner possible.  The band members even went so far as to try out new stage personas.  Gerry Marsden wore George's leather get-up and George wore a hoodie (talk about being ahead of his time!)  The two drummers, Pete Best and Freddie Marsden shared one kit.  The group also included John Lennon on piano and Les McGuire on sax.  Bill Harry, publisher of Mersey Beat magazine, who is in a position to know, says that Paul McCartney, on rhythm guitar, appeared in a nightie!

Thank goodness that Brian Epstein (unbeknownst to him, yet) is on the way to bring some order to this happy chaos.

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