Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wrapping Up February

February 22-28, 1961

Wow!  Just looking over my last few posts, I realized I'm getting pretty wordy.  I guess that's just because this particular period in music history is so endlessly fascinating to me.  A few friends having a great time and unwittingly getting educated for very big things to come, without really knowing where they would end up.  Just trusting that this is where they should be. ("Don't worry.  Something will happen."  - Note to Nowhere Girl.  I'm guessing it was George.  Sounds like something he would say.)

And there always seems to be a few more bits and pieces of Beatle lore to be discovered.  It's like an old gold mine that has been worked over for decades but still gives up some precious nuggets from time to time, just to keep the old prospectors coming back for more.  I came across an interesting site made by an obviously over-the-top fan that shows pics he took on his pilgrimages to many of the places mentioned in this blog.  Harvey Stevens is his name and his web page is here.  It makes for a rewarding few minutes for any early Beatle fan.  Thanks, Harv!

The Beatles finish out the month at all the usual places:  22nd at the Aintree and Hambleton Hall.  24th at Grosvenor Ballroom.  25th at Aintree and Lathom Hall.  26th at the basement Casbah.  28th back at the Cavern for lunch and the Cassanova and Litherland later in the evening.  Don't those boys ever get tired of playing!
Hmmm, Pauly Mac and Rory Storm's cousin? Ya don't say!

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  1. ah! yes, I have seen that video before! I thought it was cute how he says "don't worry, something will happen". Thanks for the shout out! I'm sorry for my misunderstanding of George Martin. I must inform you of my new love for The Beatles's experience in Hamburg! I thought it was one of the best times for them! just keep that in mind, my friend!