Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mona Best Again

February 17, 1961

What an powerful and enigmatic personality Mona Best is in the story of the Beatles.  She is Pete Best's mother, born and raised in India and brought to Liverpool after she marries a Liverpudlian there.  She sees to it that her son has access to a musical instrument that very few mothers would even allow in their homes, a full set of drums.  She sets up a coffee club in her own basement with help from the local kids.  It is Mona who deals with the German authorities to repatriate her son's drum kit after the deportation from Hamburg and now she is flogging her sons rock band to all of the local clubs (including the Cavern).

Mona  even goes so far as to organize larger shows on her own as she does today, a Friday.  She manages a show at a hall called St John's Hall in Tuebrook, not far from the Best residence.  The Beatles are paid the handsome sum of 20 pounds for their appearance.

Mona, wherever you are, Beatle fans everywhere owe you a huge vote of thanks for all of your contributions to them in their formative years.

The Beatles finish out the week at the Aintree institute on Saturday and the Casbah on Sunday.

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