Monday, February 14, 2011

A Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 1961

After their day off, the Beatles get back into the swing, playing two shows today.  Sam Leach's Cassanova Club and a Bekay production at Litherland Town Hall.

The Litherland event is a Valentine's Day celebration and has a special tie in.  Litherland is the venue where the hysteria that came to be called Beatlemania was first witnessed only a few weeks ago.  One of the regular songs in the Beatles set is a cover of an Elvis Presley movie song called "Wooden Heart".  (Coincidentally, the song has a verse in German.  Must have brought Hamburg and Astrid to their minds.)

Paul is to sing the song wearing a heart pinned to his lapel, embroidered with the first names of the Beatles, which is then to be raffled off.  The lucky winner gets to keep the heart as a souvenir and receive a kiss from Paul.  A mad rush to the stage ensues and the Beatles are escorted off stage until some semblance of order can be restored.

There are shows scheduled over the next two days for the Aintree Institute, Hambleton Hall, the Cassanova and again at Litherland.  All places that the Beatles are becoming very familiar with.  Thank goodness for Neil and that van!
Bekay puts rock and roll into Litherland Town Hall on on Tuesdays

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  1. ha ha, whoever got that kiss from Paul must have been a very lucky girl! Happy Valentines Day, my friend!