Monday, January 31, 2011

String of Pearls

February 1, 1961

The Beatles play Hambleton Hall, tonight, then Litherland, St John's in Bootle and Lathom again.  All with John possibly favoring an injured finger.  Well, the show must go on.

We are in the middle of a string of 18 straight days of gigs without a day off.  Admittedly, playing music to adoring audiences is not quite the same as pulling 10 hour shifts in the salt mines, or even in a car factory or bank office, but I do think this demonstrates a high level of commitment from all the members of  the band.  Most especially when you factor in all of the unglamorous, logistical trouble of toting equipment from home to venue and back each day.  Not to mention the unseen effort of always learning new material to keep the sets fresh and exciting.

By now, the promoters are getting the message that the Beatles are lads who can be relied on to show up and deliver the goods.

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