Wednesday, January 5, 2011


January 5, 1961

At this point, Liverpool again takes a hand in the story of the Beatles, this time in the person of Brian Kelly.  After their return from Hamburg, the Beatles had asked Bob Wooler, a professional MC on the Liverpool rock scene, if he could find them work.  Bob Wooler knows everybody who is anybody in Liverpool entertainment circles.  One of those people is Brian Kelly, who organizes dances under his own brand name of Beekay.  Bob had weaseled the Beatles onto one of Brian's shows at the end of 1960.  Mr Kelly was immediately impressed by the enthusiastic audience response and booked the Beatles into shows this month through March.

The band  is being paid six or eight English pounds sterling for these shows, enough to encourage them to keep at it.  At a couple of shows a week, that puts their earnings right in the ballpark of the average for a UK male breadwinner of about 200 pounds per annum.  Better than a sharp stick in the eye!

Tonight, they perform a return engagement at he site of their recent "Direct from Germany" triumph, Litherland Town Hall.

Brian Kelly and Pete Best - photo by Dick Matthews

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