Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Last Returning Beatle

Early January, 1961

No one knows exactly when, but it is likely that Stuart Sutcliffe has returned to Liverpool by now. It would have been difficult for him to remain in Hamburg, now that he has come to the attention of the police.  But he certainly left with the understanding that he would return to Germany to resume his life with Astrid as soon as possible.

As is normal for local bands, there are often musicians on the periphery who do make music with them but cannot exactly be called full band members.  At this time, Stuart seems to have willingly become one of those.  Sam Leach, a Liverpool promoter remembers a time when both Paul and Stuart would be playing bass, often with Stuart's guitar unplugged from the amplifier.  This does fit very well with what we understand of John Lennon's sense of loyalty to his inner circle.  The others may have gone along, not wanting to confront John about the phantom band member and content to let nature take its course.

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