Monday, November 29, 2010

A Little Fire with Big Consequences

November 29, 1960

Bruno Koschmider, fed up with the Beatles "disloyalty" to the Kaiserkeller, has notified them that their residency at that venue must come to an end at the end of November.  Today, Paul McCartney and Pete Best decide that it is time to retrieve the last of their belongings from Koschmider's Bambi Kino, where they were given places to sleep in connection with that gig.  When they arrive there, they find the place utterly dark.  To provide some feeble light (and at the same time to register their dissatisfaction with Herr Koschmider) they mischievously attach a condom to a wall and set it alight.  It flares up briefly, they grab what they came for, and abscond, one suspects, wearing wicked smiles of satisfaction.

The little war between them has just escalated.  Bruno Koschmider, master of the rough-and-tumble world of the Reeperbahn, will certainly not stand by meekly without launching a counter-offensive.

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