Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beatles, Wieder Nach Heim Gehen (Go Back Home!)

November, 30, 1960

Bruno Koschmider is furious.  The nerve of these guys.  To come into my place, where, out of the goodness of my heart, I allow them to stay, and start lighting fires.  It's arson, pure and simple.

Herr Koschmider immediately alerts the police to this dangerous foreign element in their midst.  It's not difficult for the police to find and arrest Paul McCartney and Pete Best.  There were not that many places they could be.  During the night, they are taken the St Pauli police station and booked on charges of arson of a private building,  They are held at the station until morning and then released.  They return to their lodgings above the Top Ten Club and try to get some sleep.  Later in the afternoon, they are again detained by the police and processed at Hamburg Police Headquarters, where they are informed that they will be deported back to England that very night.  On top of everything else, they are working in Germany without proper permits!  Apparently, the wheels of justice turn rapidly in 1960s Germany.

The perpetrators are not allowed to speak to legal council or to a representative of Her Majesties Government. And of course, their command of German is very limited.  This eventful day ends with Paul and Pete boarding a flight from Hamburg to London, unsure of exactly what had just happened to them. 

By necessity in all the commotion, Pete Best leaves his drum kit behind.

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