Sunday, November 21, 2010

George Deported

November 21, 1960

The Beatles are enjoying their visits to see Tony Sheridan and others at the Top Ten Club rather too much in the opinion of Bruno Koschmider, who is the proprietor of the rival  Kaiserkeller.  Their contract with him clearly states that they won't perform anywhere other the the Kaiserkeller during the duration of that contract.  However, the lure of playing with such a talented group as the denizens of the Top Ten is too much for them and they are frequently seen on stage there, jamming with the locals.  Koschmider has already informed the Beatles that after the end of November their services will no longer be required by the K'keller.

Meanwhile, the local polizei have demonstrated a worthy zeal in making sure, by announcement from the Kaiserkeller stage, that at 10 pm the time has come for all persons of less than 18 years of age to leave the premises forthwith. (It's hard to imagine that they are allowed in there at all!)  George Harrison, being only 17, must have been carefully tuning his guitar at that time every evening and apparently missed the official announcement.  Or maybe it's that he doesn't sprechen der Deutsch so gut.

Is it that the constabulary can ignore the blatant violation for only so long?  Or has Mr. Koschmider turned vindictive informer now that he has little use for these impudent Beatles?  In any case, George is found out and immediately deported.  He uses every penny he has to make his way back to Liverpool alone.  The rest of the
Beatles decide to soldier on without him, but are only doing the absolute minimum required.  Their sights are set on the Top Ten.

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