Saturday, August 3, 2013

Farewell, Cavern

August 3, 1963

The Beatles play the Cavern Club for the last time today.  It's kind of surprising that they are still playing there, since they have a nationwide fan base and the Cavern is rather small, dark and dank.  And it's only about 5 months until they break in  America and become the first wave of the massive "British Invasion".  They must have a soft spot for the Cavern.  They are paid £300, thus increasing their fee by 6000% since their first gig at the Cavern a bit more than two years ago.  For local fans, the worst case scenario is about  to become a reality.

There are some great reminiscences of the Cavern in its salad days here at the bottom of the page.  (Thanks, Happy Nat, for sharing your extensive collection of Beatle related information.)

At the same time, the extended group makes two decisions.  To hire former Cavern bouncer Mal Evans to help Neil look after the boys travel and to play only proper theater shows from now on.  The Beatles are no longer a dance hall band!

Cavern pic from Sam Leach's website

Modern reconstruction of Cavern Club stage

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