Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Please Roll Over Mr Postman

July 30, 1963

It is very fulfilling for the blogger of this page to finally get to this point.  All of the songs that so deeply influenced my appreciation for music are being made so close together in time.  And after all of the trouble and fun that the Beatles as individuals and as a band have lived through to get here.

Of course, the band is still playing to houses all up and down the island of Great Britain.  But they make occasional stops in London at Abbey Road to lay down some tracks in anticipation of their second album, Which is actually the album (minus a couple of songs - thanks Capitol)  that will introduce most of us in the US to the Beatles special genius, called "Meet the Beatles" here.

In the morning, the band stops in at the studio and records a couple of great ones, a cover of the Marvelettes "Please Mr Postman" and starts work on their original "It Won't Be Long".

In the afternoon, the band records some for BBC radio, including an interview with bandleader Phil Tate for Non-Stop Pop.

In the evening, back to Abbey Road to record some more recording.  They finish up "It Won't Be Long", lay down "Roll Over Beethoven" (love that heartbeat-of-rock-and-roll bass drum!) and capture Paul's "All My Loving".  Producer George Martin pitches in and sets down a piano track for "Money (That's What I Want).

All this in one 24 hour day?!

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