Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TV Premier

December 4, 1962

It's been one of those weeks for the Beatles.  On the 1st of December, they are added as an afterthought to a Tower Ballroom show, when advance ticket sales are disappointing.  Then, they do a show on  the 2nd, supporting Frank Ifield and promptly lay an egg.  (When you are bringing something so new to the ears of the wider listening public, there is always the chance that they won't appreciate it immediately.)  It's not a good day when a yodeling  Frank Ifield upstages you.  Egos are brought down a peg or two.

But today, the Beatles move into the video airwaves, making an appearance on the British kids show "Tuesday Rendezvous".  Pretty forward looking children's TV, if you ask me.  They mime parts of a couple of songs for the kids entertainment.  (BeatleSource - you are a website after my own heart!)

One of the stars of the show is a certain kitty cat puppet called "Pussy Cat Willum".

"Meow - Welcome to my show, Beatles!  Meow." (Hope someone googling "cute pussy cat photos" will be directed to my blog!)

Pussy Cat Willum with friend Murial Young

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