Monday, December 31, 2012


December 31, 1962

The last day of 1962.  Time to reflect on what has happened in the last 12 months and look forward to what the new year might bring the boys.

The Beatles have already been with Brian Epstein and in suits for more than a year.  Just a year ago their hopes were firmly pinned to an audition recording session with Decca Records in London.  Alas, that came to naught.  So the year 1962 became a year when their public personas developed and their musical presentation became tighter and more natural.  They lost a Pete Best and gained a Ringo.  They also achieved that magic milestone, a record on the English pop charts.  All in all, Mr Epstein is earning his keep, but the Beatles are paying their show biz dues as well.  They know by now that this is no schoolboy lark or flash in the pan.  This is a rewarding and long term career path for them, one that they had dreamed of since they were schoolboys.

1963 will soon become the year of the Beatle in Britain.  They are still a northern band but they are poised at the doorstep and have simply to step through.  It will be a year of unrelenting effort and laser like focus, but they are well used to that by now.  Still, all anyone can do at this point is gaze wistfully across the broad ocean and imagine.  "What would happen if we ever broke a record over there.  But that would be bringing coals to Newcastle.  We'll have to be content making American style rock and roll with an English spin over here.  The kids seem to like it."

A long eventful year lies ahead before worldwide undying fame and fortune.  But Epstein seem to have a good sense of where the wind is and a firm hand on the tiller.  All hands aloft and raise the top gallants, me hearties!

Happy 2013, readers!

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