Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OK, Beatles, Back to Work

July 13, 1961

I'm sure the four Beatles have enjoyed their two weeks of summer indolence after their long hard stint at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg.  (Stuart has stayed behind in Hamburg to continue both his studies at the Hamburg College of Art and his relationship with fiancee Astrid Kirchherr.  The Beatles will continue a long distance relationship with him via the Post Office.)  But it's time for the Beatles to get back up on stage in their hometown.

Their first show after the layoff is, predictably, organized by Mona Best, again at St John's Hall near her home in  Hayman's Green, where the Casbah is located.  A more devoted mother, the world has never seen.

And on the 14th, they are back on stage at the Cavern for two shows, a lunch session and in the evening.

No doubt the Beatles have to knock the rust off to get back into their usual tight formation.  It's also likely that it didn't take long before they were relying, almost by instinct, on where the others would be going on each number.  After spending so many countless hours playing together, the band has become like a single multi-person organism.  That is the biggest secret of their later phenomenal success.

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