Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas with the Beatles

December 24-31, 1963

The Beatles, always true to their English heritage, are always involved up to their necks at Christmastime.  For the people of northern climes, it can be a great equalizer, during the worst of the cold, dark winter months to gather together for song and fun.

This year, it's a stage production "The Beatles Christmas Show" that starts today and runs for 16 nights at the Astoria Theatre in London.  The band looks back on the long musical hall tradition that is an essential ingredient in their formation. The show includes comedy, pantomime and music.  Just what's needed to revive flagging spirits.  In addition to their music, the boys are cast in a number of skits, which prove very popular with audiences.  John, Paul George and Ritchie do fly home to Liverpool this evening after the festivities to spend Christmas Day with their families.

Rolf Harris, of "Tie Me Kangeroo Down, Sport" fame is part of the show.  The whole show is a brainstrorm of (who else) Mr Brian Epstein.

Typical Beatle zaniness from '63, by way of wishing you Merry Christmas. (I love the Freda Kelly shout out, from George.)

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