Sunday, May 12, 2013

A New Logo

May 12, 1963

Late in April, date unknown, Ivor Arbiter of Drum City in London sketches up a design for Ringo Starr's bass drum, the famous Drop-T logo.  The design highlights the root  word "Beat" in the name of the band.  Today, the new drum kit is delivered to Ringo Starr at a Birmingham TV studio just in time for taping an appearance on "Thank  Your Lucky Stars".   That's the last piece of the puzzle.  Now, at long last, they look "just like the Beatles".

Video recordings made for the BBC back on April 1 will go out over the BBC tomorrow and that gives me a chance to highlight one of my favorite Beatle resources.  Happy Nat's The Beatles Rarity.  He has a simply astounding collection of rare recordings which he parcels out to us Beatle fans in a weekly blog which I never miss.

Recently he posted a recording with some Beatle banter in front of it of "Thank You, Girl", a recently minted Lennon and McCartney tune that was originally broadcast 50 years ago tomorrow.

And here they are...THE BEATLES!!!

Note the absent harmonica and the lyric "That's the kind of love that seems to good to be true", instead of the more familiar "...that is to good to be true."  To a huge Beatle fan, the world turns on such minutiae.

Thanks, Nat.

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