Saturday, January 19, 2013

ITV, Radio Lux, BBC

January 19, 1963

Thanks to Dick James, the Beatles make their first appearance on "Thank Your Lucky Stars", a British ITV equivalent to American Bandstand in the USA.  The show was recorded on the 13th and has the Beatles miming "Please, Please Me".

On the 21st, they record for later broadcast material for "The Friday Spectacular", a Radio Luxembourg radio show.  On the 22nd they produce material for three separate broadcast appearances.  First, they chat with the host of "Pop Inn" a live lunchtime BBC chat show, at a studio on Regent Street in London.  Then the band rushes across town to record for the BBC show "Saturday Club" for later broadcast globally across the entire British Empire via short wave.  Finally, back to Regent Street to record for "The Talent Spot", yet another BBC offering.

The big push is on!  And Dick James is the right guy at the right time to be putting his shoulder to the wheel.

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