Friday, October 12, 2012

Epstein and the Tower

October 12, 1962

Taking a page from Sam Leach's book, Brian Epstein pulls out all of the promotional stops today by organizing a show himself for 12, count 'em 12, acts to appear at the Tower Ballroom on one bill.  The headliner - Beatle hero, Little Richard.  They have been covering his material for so long.  And with a record entering the charts - they must feel as if this is it! They have finally made it to the toppermost.  No, not quite yet, boys.

At the same time, they make the acquaintance of one of Richard's musical entourage - keyboardist Billy Preston. (Yeah, THAT Billy Preston.  See 1:12 in the video below.  Also note the snatches of Cavern bouncer Mal Evans, the gentle giant with the glasses in this video.)

Also on the bill, Lee Curtis and the All Stars with their new drummer Pete Best.  Awkward!  The Beatles don't speak to or even seem to notice him

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