Saturday, June 2, 2012


June 2, 1962

The Beatles, their contract with the Star Club fulfilled, leave Germany for England this afternoon.  They fly (yes, fly, this is the big time!) Lufthansa to London Airport (now known as Heathrow) and then make a connection to Manchester.  Tomorrow and the next day they rehearse in private at the Cavern in anticipation of their upcoming recording session.

Beatle coincidences are everywhere, if you just keep an eye out for them.  I was in Chicago this week and stopped to rest at a nice little public space called Lincoln Square.  Noticed a rather ornate lamp installed there.  Wandered over to take a closer look and here's what I saw.

Did the Beatles cross the bridge and wander past this lamp just before leaving Hamburg exactly 50 years ago?  I think this is what Carl Jung would call "synchronicity".   Oh, and my Beatles tribute trio is playing a gig at the Scarab Club in Detroit, tomorrow.  (For the full effect, you must check the link above.)  WTF?!

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