Monday, April 2, 2012

A Pair of One-Offs and a Farewell

April 2-6, 1962

The Beatles continue to rock the Cavern almost everyday, of course, but they mix in a few "experiments" too.  On the 2nd of April, they do a show at the Pavilion Theatre, Liverpool's premier venue for ecdysiastic performers.  The Beatles haven't made music here since their days playing skiffle contests as the Quarrymen.  Boy, that had to be a weird feeling!

On the 5th, they do a special show at the Cavern for the Beatles Fan Club, which has been growing by leaps and bounds.  They do the first set in their old school leather outfits and then change for the second set into their Epstein dress code "bespoke tailors" Beno Dorn suits.  Oh, what a show that must have been!  I wonder if any audience members saw the future and liked it.

The boys are so proud of their new suits - or are they?
Wanna buy an autographed copy of this photo?  Got $12,000 to spare?

On the 6th, they do a "Beatles Farewell Ball" at the Tower Ballroom, in anticipation of their upcoming Hamburg trip.  The show is organized by Sam Leach and includes Emile Ford.  The poster mentions that the "Beetles" are on the bill.  They still can't get no respect from those poster designers.  :-)

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