Saturday, March 24, 2012

Barnston Women's Institute Says "Such Nice Boys!"

March 24, 1962

The Beatles play the Heswall Jazz Club, which is associated with the Barnston Women's Institute.  This is the first time the Beatles played on stage in their new suits.  Want to take the tour?

I gotta wonder, did they only agree to the suits because they would be playing in a venue unlikely to be patronized by their (by now) army of fans? Testing the waters, as it were, before jumping into the deep end?


  1. Lol interesting video. Nice to see you on fan fiction! Thanks for all the great reviews! You're the reason I decided to continue A Leather Interior. I sent you a PM or two on there, I'm not sure if you got them. Anyway, I hope you post something, I'd love to read it!

    1. You know what I love about this video? The reaction of elderly lady when the videographer asks if there is anyone there who "was there". Northern English people are, as a rule, so open and friendly.