Friday, February 24, 2012

Not a Bowl of Cherries, Just the Pits

February 24th, 1962

Sprinkled in with their pre-Epstein Tower Ballroom dates and the usual Cavern gigs, Brian gets them more and more upscale venues including a spot last Tuesday at a real theatre in Southport, the Floral Hall.  Today, however, they play an evening at the YMCA in Hoylake, upper crust home of Cynthia Powell.  That job is more the result of the persistence on the part of the club organizer who has been trying to get them for six months.  He finally manages it for £30, delivered in person to the home of Pete Best and his mother and quasi-manager Mona.  The gig goes wrong when their shtick between numbers is unappreciated by the crowd, who want to hear some MUSIC.  The Beatles are booed off the stage.

Where are we goin', lads?...

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