Friday, December 23, 2011

Rocking Around the Clock

December 23, 1961

The Beatles are still appearing almost daily at the Cavern and are packing them in as their local popularity soars.  It is almost weird the way very little of this HUGE movement in the history of popular music is almost completely missed by the local press.  They continue to write about garden parties and new housing developments and are almost blind to the elephant standing in the corner.  Fortunately, there are those, like Sam Leach and now Brian Epstein, who are beginning to see that this movement could be more than a colorful local oddity.  Isn't that always the way with really new game changing phenomenon, though?  The general population just suddenly wakes up, as if the scales have fallen from their eyes.  Not yet.  Not in Liverpool.  Except among those crazy kids who are queuing up hours early for admission to the shows.

And tonight they have a big treat in store.  An all night show in the damp and smelly confines of the Cavern Club.  The Beatles play along with the Remo Four, Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Searchers, with a couple of jazz bands thrown in for good measure.  The Beatles' Cavern Days, though numbered, are not over yet.  "Where are we goin', lads?"

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