Monday, April 4, 2011

One More Advantage of Being a Year Older

April 4,1961

Since the money is better and they are a year older, there is another advantage the Beatles can take on this trip to Hamburg.  For the first part of it, they can bring over their girlfriends.

Of course, Stewart Sutcliffe, who is really a peripheral Beatle now, is comfortably situated at Astrid's mother's house in the wealthy suburb of Altona.  Astrid invites John's long time girlfriend, Cynthia Powell, to stay with them for a couple of weeks over the academic Easter holiday.  Cynthia, a long way from her mom's controlling influence, will sometimes spend the night in the dormitory type accommodations above the Top Ten Club where John is staying.  Love will always find a way!

Dot and Paul in his back garden

Paul brings over his long time steady girl friend, Dot Rhone.  (This link contains some wonderful insights into Paul's attitudes toward women at this time, attitudes that would thankfully change as he grew emotionally.)  And another new character enters the story on this trip to Hamburg  She is Rosa, a middle aged German hausfrau and the lavatory attendant at the club (classy place, the Top Ten).  Rosa owns a canal barge and she allows Tony Sheridan ("The Teacher") to stay on it.  Paul McCartney and Dot spend a blissful two weeks ensconced there with him.  It must have seemed a million miles from digs behind the movie screen at the Bambi Kino.

Meantime, the Beatles are  re-adjusting to the grueling schedule of playing all night high-energy rock and roll sessions for the hyped-up German audience.

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